Shipping and payment Pcounter

1. General Information

  •   After purchasing the Pcounter visitor counter, the buyer is provided with a login and password for admin access to the Pservice web service. The cost of installing and configuring equipment is calculated individually for each object, because depends on the cost of consumables (wire, sockets, etc.).

2. Payment methods

  • Cash payment :  Payment in cash upon receipt of the goods is possible in all localities on the territory of Ukraine. Payment is made in national currency.

  • Cashless payment :   Payment by bank transfer is made to any bank branch or from the current account of your company.

  • Visa и MasterCard :  Delivery of the goods is possible only after confirmation of payment.

3. Delivery options

  • «Nova Poshta» :   With the delivery of "Nova Poshta", you can get the goods even in the most remote corners of Ukraine. The delivery takes 1-3 days. You can check the cost of delivery with our manager when ordering.

  • Address delivery in Kiev :   Possible delivery by courier in the city of Kiev. The cost of delivery according to the tariffs of the delivery service. Check the delivery time with the manager.