Installing the counter Pcounter

1. Installing the receiver and transmitter Pcounter

Installing the counter Pcounter

 The Pcounter is designed as two units: "Receiver" and "Transmitter".

 Sensors are installed on a vertical surface parallel to the direction of movement in the controlled passage, opposite each other, at a height of 1.2-1.5 m above the floor.

 The sensors are attached to the surface by means of double-sided adhesive mounting tape "scotch".

 Connect power to receiver and transmitter Pcounter.

2. Mounting options for Pcounter

Fasteners for the visitor counter Pcounter

 Mountings for installing the visitor counter sensors are included in the package.

 Mounts are made of polycarbonate - durable and not fragile material.

 Corner mounts are used as standard.

 If necessary, after agreement with the customer, other types of fasteners can be supplied.

3. Adding a counter on the service

Adding a counter on the service

 With Administrator rights, enter the Admin section of the service PSERVICE.

 In the Objects section, select Add Object.

 Fill out the form and click "Add".